Travel English

Larisa Travel English Short Course is perfect for anyone traveling to another country. This short course is just six one hour lessons and includes audio, video and other resources.

No books or study materials to buy. Learn at our school in Mykolaiv with a private tutor or on-line using Skype from the comfort of your home.

Learn simple words and phrases to help at the airport, hotel, cafe, shops, taxi, asking for directions and more. Our Larisa Travel English Short Course has been perfected over many years while teaching English to students all over the world.


At The Airport

Practice checking in and baggage handling. How to ask for your gate, reservations, check-in, arrival, departure gate, restrooms and more. Practice simple terms and politeness. May I ask you? I would like an isle seat please. May I have another drink?


At The Hotel

Role pay with your teacher to ask and answer questions at check-in, check-out, room service and more. Make a taxi reservation. Travel by bus or ask about excursions in the city you visit. Where is the gym? When is breakfast served? Where is the pool? May I have room service?


At The Cafe

Learn simple phrases and terms to order food and drinks. Simple terms. May I sit by the window? May I ask for another glass of wine? May I have the check? Is the gratuity included? Where is the ladies room? I would like to order now. Simple terms and phrases in English to help make your holiday enjoyable and relaxing.


At The Shops

Study and learn simple words for all sorts of clothing. Shirt’s, Blouse’s, Coat’s, Shoes and more. Colors in English are easy to learn and speak. Simple questions. May I try this on? Where is the dressing/fitting room? How much is this? Is this on sale? Do you have my size? How much is this? Where is the check out? Can I pay with credit card?


In The Taxi

Basic terms to help your travel experience be as delightful as possible. Terms to get you around the city. Phrases to ask for certain locations like museums, bicycle rental, the gym, parks, bank and more. Could you take us to the bank please? Please drive us to the park. We would like to go to the gym. Please take us to the hotel.


Asking for Directions

No matter what country you are planning to visit, you always need to ask for directions. Prepositions are always a challenge for most students. Trying to locate locations by walking. Could you tell me where the park is please? Go up, go down, go around the corner. What do they all mean and is there a simple way to ask? Yes.


Larisa Travel English Short Course is perfect for everyone traveling abroad!

This course is just six private lessons or it can be taken with a friend or group just about any time.

Study with a professional teacher and learn how to communicate in English to make your travel experience safe and enjoyable.

Schedule your Travel English Short Course now and get ready for fun!

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