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Explain Empty Verbs?

What are Empty Verbs? Larisa English Audio

Visit What are Empty Verbs? Grammar Review PDF Version What are Empty Verbs? Grammar Review Empty verbs perform a few different jobs in English. In simple terms, empty verbs replace other verbs. EmptyRead More…


Words, Words, Words Club Grammar Review Video

Words, Words, Words Grammar Review Audio Version and Words, Words, Words Grammar Review PDF Version Download PDF Words, Words, Words Grammar Review. English is a rich language in so many ways. The English languageRead More…

Adjectives Larisa English

What are Comparative Adjectives? Grammar Review

Visit What are Comparative Adjectives? Grammar Review PDF Version What are Comparative Adjectives? Grammar Review What are “Comparative adjectives?”. They are words used to compare two objects. In other words, when we compareRead More…

Adjectives and Adverbs Larisa

How are Adverbs and Adjectives Connected?

Visit How Are Adverbs And Adjectives Connected? Grammar Review PDF Version How are Adverbs and Adjectives Connected? Grammar Review Adverbs and Adjectives have a direct connection. Why? It’s because many adverbs areRead More…


“Meeting The First Time” Grammar Review Larisa

American, American English, American English Grammar Review, Articles, Bill and Larisa, Bill Green, Billgreen54, Blended Learning, Blended Learning Education, English lessons, English study, English Teacher, English tutor, Free English classes, Learn EnglishRead More…

Freestyle English

Larisa FreeStyle English – your own program

Larisa FREESTYLE ENGLISH is the best way for busy students to study and speak fast. No free time? No problem. English lessons will be created just for you. Larisa FREESTYLE ENGLISH focusesRead More…

Intensive English

Fast Track English – Intensive Course

Larisa School of Language is proud to offer our Intensive Language Course – Fast Track English Lesson Program. This is our Premium Course that covers all areas of basic English and more,Read More…

American English School

American English Schools Exist in Ukraine

American English Schools are everywhere in Ukraine but, do they have an American teaching English? Probably not. Many private language schools promote American English but, they seldom have a teacher from America.Read More…