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Larisa English Masterclass

Speak English Fast with Larisa Masterclass English!

Many students don’t need a full English grammar course. Most courses take upwards of 50 to 100 one hour lessons. For many students with a basic knowledge of English, this may not be needed.

Many students don’t want or need to take a six month or longer course. Larisa Masterclass is designed for students with busy work schedules or with a limited ability to study in a group.

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What is Masterclass?

The main idea of Larisa English Masterclass is to offer a student the ability to study quickly as a review of the English Language. This program is not for everyone. It’s for students who understand that learning English is a serious commitment.


How does it look like?

5 Point Level Assessment!

Free On-line Testing. Free English Level Assessment. Free Vocabulary Evaluation. Free Pronunciation Review. Free Personalized Masterclass Creation.


Personalized just for you!

We start with the basics for all students and add exactly what you need to learn and speak English fast.

The Larisa English Masterclass Packet consists of basic grammar which has been extracted from Larisa’s Orientation Packet.

This is the same packet we have used for all new students grammar review for a students first lesson or two. This packet has additional grammar materials that have been added to enhance the basics. In other words, the masterclass packet is the orientation packet with additional materials included.



Larisa English Masterclass is a ten hour course.

Based on the requirements, accomplished comprehension and level of spoken English desired by the student, additional instructional time can be added. In some cases, an additional ten hours or more may be necessary for a student to achieve his or her desired level of proficiency.

Additional lessons can be scheduled in any increment or time based on the students expected level of achievement.



This course does not require homework but, it’s suggested that students do everything possible to learn outside the classroom. This includes grammar exercises, videos, audio, listening and reading tasks.



Larisa Masterclass English includes 5 Free Books!
Free 142 Page English Grammar Workbook. (PDF)
Free 1,000 Phrase Book with Russian Translation. (PDF)
Free 800 Slang Phrase Book with Russian Translation, (PDF)
Free English Speaking Practice Book with Russian Translation. (PDF)
Free 100 Page English Grammar Book with Russian Translation. (PDF)


Larisa Masterclass English Advantages!

Free Books! No Homework! Private Lessons! Personalized For You! One Payment! Study On-line! Study In-class! It’s Your Choice! Intensive Study and Speaking! Study Anytime!


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